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If you are interested in building your own dovecote then you have come to the right place.

Hello and welcome to my website. I am Harry and I have developed this site to offer my Dovecote plans to the wider public.

Dovecote DIY has the best Dovecote plans online; these are written by me and come after years of experience of working with wood and designing blueprints and plans for various hobbyist building/wood working projects.

If you want to know how to build a dovecote and how to make a dovecote with minimal fuss, cost and stress then you will love my plans.

I have come across a few free dovecote plans online, the problem with free is it means lack of quality. I found there were sections that were entirely omitted and when the plans approached complicated sections, for example constructing the roof struts, they had no detail at all and in some cases treated this vital step as a trivial phase worthy of no more than 2 lines of text.

I can tell you from experience that free DIY plans, although suitable for simple projects like a bird boxes and book shelves that often lack complicated structures and design, are not suitable for more complicated projects like windmills and dovecote’s.

I have been selling my dovecote plans for over 5 years and have now sold thousands of copies, receiving hundreds of thank you emails and dozens of pictures of completed projects. It has been very satisfying for me, and for the dozens of woodworkers like you to complete a stress free project that add’s immediate value to your home and garden.

My dovecote plans are very detailed giving you step by step instructions for every aspect of your project. You will have a blueprint diagram of every stage together with a complete shopping list saving you money and avoiding wastage. I am a big believer in minimizing cost, however I also know the value of money invested well, in a good set of plans and a good set of tools. These plans will ensure that making a dovecote an enjoyable experience.

My dovecote plans are available for download immediately after purchase so you can get started with building your dovecote right away.

Free Dovecote Plans – Review

I recently tried to download a free set of dovecote plans. I was able to find 2 PDF files online and thought to review these from the perspective of intermediately skilled hobbyist looking for information on how to build a dovecote.

Before I begin, I must warn you that this website is have dovecote plans for sale and I am an experienced designer and wood worker so some of my views may come across as biased however I will try to remain as ‘independent’ as I can.


Free dovecote plans 1:

I actually liked these plans, they were very short at only 3 pages long – offering only a high level view on how to build a dovecote but the writer has did a good job of summarizing the projects and detailing the steps, albeit sometimes in an assuming manor. But overall this serves on letting the reader know the order in which they must complete their tasks.

There were very minimal details about the type and sizes of the materials needed and I am bewildered as to what the finished dovecote will look like given the lack of drawings, design, detail and templates. The writer did however mention the areas that are critical to the design elements, for example the window shelves, roofing design and the overhang on the lower floor of the dovecote.

Why Dovecote plans from Dovecote plans are better;

  • There is a complete shopping list of materials, measurements and quantities on the outset
  • The reader is able to see the completed dovecote including a cross sectional image giving the reader complete understanding and detail before they begin
  • Design elements of the dovecote have been considered and detailed to the reader, the deader also has templates that can be printed on a regular printer and used to draw around ensuring consistency and quality
  • The more complicated roofing areas come with a series of very detailed images and the finished design looks very professional and in keeping with a traditional and ornamental dovecote design
  • Instructions on installing the dovecote and mounting are all included
  • Weatherproofing is not an afterthought and considered throughout the dovecote plans


Free dovecote plans 2:

These plans were a little more detailed and longer than the previous dovecote plans however i was disappointed as these dovecote ‘birdhouse’ plans – featuring only a 1 floor plan with the option to wall mount the dovecote.


Overall the plans did a good job for explaining the build process to an experienced builder however these plans really did a bad job of explaining how to make a dovecote roof. The roof was constructed of flat pieces of wood and not a tiling/ slat effect – this looked really very unappealing in my opinion. The dovecote design was rather short and fat given there was only 1 floor. In my experience of designing and offering many different types of dovecote for sale the two floor design is by far the most popular design. In the last 5 years have had over a dozen different 1, 2 and 3 floor dovecotes for sale however I have sold only 2 1 floor dovecotes.

These plans reminded me of a set of plans I came across for a coffee table a few years ago – it was lacking in design however there was some detail with sections in the nature of.; Step 1 – cut out the table top, Step two – cut four legs, step 3 – attach the legs to the table top. Ok maybe this is a little over simplified however I think detailing the use of simple designing tools that can be used to make a simple dovecote great would add a lot of value to the reader.


Why Dovecote plans from Dovecote plans are better;

  • The roof looks amazing and the overall design is very traditional and in keeping with the English design.
  • The design is by far the most popular 2 tier dovecote design allowing nesting areas for 5 pairs of doves
  • These plans a readable and actionable for experienced  wood workers and those with rusty skills, or completely new to wood working
  • Measurements are detailed removing an element of stress from the build

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